Do you ever think that why people come to visit a website? There may be various answers, and consumers can come for all different reasons. They can come for listings, or local information, or to learn about you or for rates or for general real estate help or for any number of other, unforeseen reasons. But what exactly they want and how you better be able to deliver, is totally depend on your website design.

  1. Contact information and location

Generally, people come to looking for contact information and physical location. It has been noticed that few companies displays vague locations for their websites. They may perhaps worried that giving address will somehow obstruct them.

  1. Validation from the third party

This includes case studies, client’s lists, awards, customer testimonial and client recognition that you have received so far. Your potential customers will definitely wants to know:

  • Whom you are doing business with?
  • What your current customers say about products and services?
  • Having a presence of social networking sites and blogs

All these things may build-up/increase the trust level of your potential buyers.

  1. Secure Socket layer(SSL)

SSL is an encryption system that helps to protect the privacy of the exchanged data between a website and a client. If you have an e-commerce website that takes the information for the credit cards, the customers will also wants that their sensitive information for the credit cards remains encrypted so that nobody can misuse them. Get SSL, if you don’t have. If you have SSL already, then let the customers know about this feature.

  1. Ease of use and navigation

If people can’t find it, they can’t buy it. It is advised that to keep sites crisp, clean and easy to navigate, but also for the sites based on what visitors are coming for. The ability to search a site is very important.

  1. Clear guidance on your processes

Lets customers know step-by-step information, about how to order, where to go, usage of shopping-carts and status reports. Besides this, customers also wants to know how you handle complaints and problems. All these kinds of details can be added via putting FAQ (frequently asked questions) page.

  1. A clear sense of what company offers

It’s incredible that we visit many websites, but not sure of what exactly company offers. Yes, that true, and this may happens. Home page for your website should be able to provide at least general information regarding to products and services you offers, with a link that specifies on product page.

  1. An ability to give feedback

You can encourage your clients to provide feedback for your products and services, your ordering process and your site in-general, by providing a feedback mechanism – either feedback forms or e-mail links. Some good stories of your work can also be added in a website or blog.

  1. Special offers and personalization

By personalising a sale with a special offer, incentive or coupon, small businesses can gain an edge on their bigger counterparts. We can say this as simple as a handwritten thank-you note, free gift wrap, or a special offer for a repeat business.

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