Virtual data centre

Build and manage groups of virtual servers whilst avoiding the complexity of networking and security. Empower your users with a secure private, public or hybrid cloud environment.

Virtual private server

Get your application up an running in minutes

Enjoy a VPS with the control, visibility and security expected from a verified cloud powered environment.

A great stepping stone

We provide an environment that lets you focus on your own applications rather than the infrastructure. As you decide you need more functionality you can grow into a Virtual Data Centre.

Quickly recover your data when you need to

Cloud Connect Backup makes it easy for you to extend your backup infrastructure into the cloud.

Move from backup to easy continuity

Cloud Connect Replication enables your business to replicate your virtualised IT environment into the cloud and when a disaster occurs, you can have your IT up and running quickly until your primary site recovers. This will give your business an extra-ordinary level when it comes to ‘data-restoring’.

Recover in few minutes

When you want to recover all the data from the database, it will take few minutes to take all the process and all the systems in your office will be ready to use in fewer minutes.

Office 365

We provide you with the license of Office 365 on the existing system or on a new system. Our facility for providing Office services include yearly upgrading of the system. It will help your business to run smoothly according to the new upcoming trends in the business.

We provide complete package of software installation for your business on Office 365 with a verified license.

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