Your client loves social media. It’s the brand, business, buzz-building place where they can reach new audiences. Here’s everything you need to hand-off an awesome design.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and many more other sites! Your client just ordered all the social stuff. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Everything starts with your client’s cover or header photo. This is the page’s big “hello!” and the visitor’s first impression. So wow them. Showcase your client’s brand as much as you can, while also keeping your design clean and simple.

Use images as often as possible and text only when necessary (for example, only for a special deal, hashtag or a CTA). Always take note of how your cover photo will appear once it is on the social media page. It should never distract the visitor or feel too busy.

Ready to design? Below, we have specifications for profile and header images, a design checklist and a glossary of design terms—plus a few encouraging words to pump you up as you get started.

Sizes and specifications

Social media isn’t “one size fits all” (bummer, we know). Every channel has its own set of sizes and specifications that all need to seamlessly match your client’s brand identity. Each element must work together, and nothing can be out of place. Follow these guidelines to ensure your designs with respect to your specifications.

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