Are you looking for a low-cost form of advertising to increase awareness of your brand? You might run a food delivery service or a small shop and need to broadcast your brand name to the masses.

Adding a small magnet with an attractive design, to every order is exactly what you need. The graphic design team at 111iT can create a magnet design your customers will want to put on their fridge at home or in the office.  We can print high-quality logos, unique designs, brand names, and text onto magnets of any size in full color.

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Take advantage of this cost-effective form of advertising

Do you want to save money on advertising but still reap the benefits of a large campaign? Providing your customers with a free attractive magnet that keeps them reminded of your contact details can go a long way.

Magnets are great, as people often decorate their fridge and keep the information of companies they use this way. However, making sure that a fridge magnet is eye-catching and reflects the professionalism of your company isn’t an easy feat. That’s why our designers are here to satisfy your high expectations.

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