111iT website use and collected information

111iT only record your email address and some occasion phone number if client, vendor or partner send a message or express their interest in writing to our related database or email address. The company details will only be used for concerned information and not to added for any other purposes without client prior consent. All the collected information using 111iT website, email address including other written document would use reason for the purpose required, permitted by Australian Law, authorise by related person or company. If anyone not interested to use personal information in a public electronic media or other media do not hesitate to advise 111iT.


Third party website links and sharing Information

111iT in electronic media may contain links to other internet sites. 111iT is not responsible for unauthorised use of data or content of the information collected on our website by another third party. Responsible client or person refer to those websites directly to obtain details of the privacy policies relevant to those internet or web pages.


Further Information

If anyone have any queries regarding the 111iT use of personal information in relating to its website or electronic media regarding the 111iT privacy and policy you are free to contact Shiv Prasad Paudel, Director of 111iT. info@111it.com.au.

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