Case Study

MG Associates is a company handled by a group of young and dynamic people. They provide various services to the clients. They are a boutique team of experienced, qualified, skilled, and like-minded people. They better understand about 21st century’s clients’ needs, expectations, requirements etc and act accordingly to accomplish our mutual goals. Their sincerity, maturity, and experiences are key strengths for our business. The major services provided by them are:

  • Accounting, Taxation and Business Services,
  • Education and career counselling services for international students,
  • Migration and visa services

As a software and network services specialist, we help them to provide office setup and network services. 111iT has been responsible for the implementation and maintenance of all IT infrastructures and we have deployed and maintained a number of different network environments to meet the requirements. We provide the various facilities to fulfil significant data storage needs, the normal requirements of email and office applications, many different peripherals including scanners, printers as well as the plans to implement both Apple and Windows based Workstations into the environment. Not only this, we provide the services to fulfil their business needs in order to achieve a greater level in the market.