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Empower your brand with a mobile app that engages your audience and drives real-world outcomes. Whether you’re a business looking to innovate or a startup ready to disrupt the market, we have our mobile app development team who will work with you to build a leading edge mobile solution that will set you apart.

Let’s turn your big idea into a solution that works

Not sure how to turn your idea into reality? That’s where we come in. As your development partner, we’ll take you from concept to completion and make sure all your goals are met along the way. Let’s step you through it.

We start by signing an NDA, so your idea will be safe with us only.  For building up an app, then we evaluate the feasibility and marketing potential. Then you will receive a proposed project with total cost and time-frames for free of charge. We’ll check if you are eligible for any government grants or funding.

We’ll start by understanding your target audience, competitors and project goals. Next, we will analyze the requirements in detail and produce a wireframe to visually represent the project from start to finish. We’ll help you to develop a product strategy and establish your marketing strategy. We’ll also provide you with a project specification document, so you know the ins and outs of the project in detail. Then, we’ll undertake software architecture analysis and design.

We’ll design your user interface with a customer-centric focus. We’ll also perform user engagement testing using video and heat map tools.

Based on the project specification document, we will break down the project into a set of modules and provide you with a detailed project plan. Our developers create iOS and Android apps with unmatched performance. We will start product development and perform product demos after the completion of each module. After the product demo, we will work together to prepare a list of changes and defects to be worked on. Alternatively, we will complete all the modules, defects identified and any change requests.

To start, you’ll receive a test plan, and then we’ll do all the QA checks, including: User engagement testing, Functional test execution and defects reporting, Regression testing, Code review and design review, Client acceptance testing.

After the project is finished, we’ll oversee regular mobile application updates and enhancements. You’ll receive ongoing mobile and web application support, along with ongoing server support and maintenance. We’ll continue to help you optimise your product to maximise your operations.

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